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Using the Microsoft 365 CLI is a great way to manage different parts of the Microsoft 365 platform. This tool enables tenant administrators to control different parts of the platform, such as Office for Mac and Windows, Microsoft Graph, and Azure Active Directory. The CLI allows for user authentication and authorization. However, it is not all there is to it. The Microsoft 365 CLI is not yet fully complete, and some of the more advanced commands and features are still to be added.

Microsoft Teams is an integrated part of the Microsoft 365 platform. It is a web-based workspace that allows for real-time collaboration, file sharing, and instant messaging. This collaboration tool is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It can be accessed through a web browser, or through a desktop client. You can also add Teams to existing Microsoft 365 groups. Whether you are a new Microsoft Teams user, or if you are an existing user, there are a few tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

The Microsoft 365 CLI enables users to access the Microsoft Graph and other Microsoft Graph APIs. However, it does not allow users to retrieve delegated permissions. The CLI will also not support some of the more advanced features of the Microsoft Graph. Using the Microsoft 365 CLI will require users to sign in with their organizational account. Once logged in, users can use all of the other commands in the CLI for Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft 365 CLI combines various command-line tools to make the most of the Microsoft 365 platform. The CLI for Microsoft 365 includes commands for Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Graph, and the Azure Management Service. However, it does not allow users to perform all of the available operations, and the CLI will only execute the commands it finds to be relevant. For example, the CLI for Microsoft 365 will not access the APIs with an app-only context. This is useful if you are using conditional access to control access to the Microsoft Graph, or if you need to perform a command that is specific to an app maru gujarat.

The Microsoft 365 CLI is an important tool for organizations, and if you have not yet gotten started, you may want to check out the quick-start guide, available on the Microsoft website

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