6 Most Commonly Used Accessories With Surfing Board

Who doesn’t love spending a cool summer’s day by the beach? Walking on the sand while the waves hit your feet is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. However, nothing beats a swim in the water; some take this experience to the next level and surf on the waves. Even though standing on a single board and riding the waves sounds intimidating, it is one of the most fun and unique experiences one can have. If you’re new to surfing and wondering what kind of surfboard accessories you need to elevate your adventures, keep reading.

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#1 The Obvious: A Good Quality Board is a Must

Before you can even think of buying accessories, you must invest in the right board with high-quality material. Most surfing boards use fibreglass cloth that covers a polyurethane foam. When mixed with resin, fibreglass makes the board stronger and more rigid, helping it stay steady during surfing.

There are several types of surfing boards available as well. There are longboards, shortboards, fish boards, or if you want something in the middle, then there are fun boards. The type of surfboard you buy will determine how much control and manoeuvring you can do while riding the waves.

Here are some accessories you can add to make your experience more fulfilling.

#2 Traction

If you have a shortboard or a fish board, it is important to maintain full control over it. When you make turnings, you have to use the tail of the board, and when you place traction pads there, you get a better grip over the board. They are a reference point for where your back foot should be placed. Make sure the pad you buy is made with a material that is non-slippery and gives you a firm grip.

#3 Leashes

Losing your board to the waves can be common, especially when you’re learning. Even experienced surfers fall, but it is impractical to swim after your board every time you fall from it. When you have a leash attached to the board, then you can easily surf without the worry of losing it. When buying, ensure that you get a leash the same length as your board.

#4 Bags

When not surfing, you must ensure your board is not getting damaged or catching dust. To protect the surface of the board and help make it last a long time, you need a bag where you can store your surfboard. Moreover, since surfing boards are made with materials like resin and epoxy, harmful UV rays from the sun damage the board eventually.

#5 Wax

If you want a firm hold and grip over your board, you need surf wax. It will ensure you’re not continuously sliding off your board and falling into the water.

#6 Fin

Finally, when surfing, you need to add the right fin since it helps provide stability to the board when turning or changing directions.

There are several surfboard accessories that you can keep on adding as you become more experienced. You can even get surfer clothing to add style to the experience. You can also check out different surfing techniques that are good for beginners. If you have the right equipment, training, and someone to help you, you’ll have a great time surfing!

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