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A Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Tapware in Australia

When renovating your bathroom, you must consider the tubs, sinks, tiles, and tapware. Are you looking for the best bath tapware for the renovation? But how do you know which tapware best suits your bathroom’s aesthetic, size, and shape? How do you find the best brand for making the right purchase decision?

This article brings answers to all these questions for you. Let’s start with the types of bathroom taps available in the Australian market for consideration.

Types of Tapware in Australia

Floor-Mounted Taps

The usage of floor-mounted tapware with a freestanding bathtub is indeed convenient. The piping for this bath tapware, called bath fillers, originates beneath the floor. Your bathtub may now be located wherever you like in your bathroom, thanks to this.

To ensure proper setup, your plumbing expert will also require you to learn the specifications of the bathtub you plan to install.

Wall-Mounted Tapware

Wall-mounted bathroom taps are the answer if you want to save space and give your bathroom a fresher appearance.

Both basins and bathtubs could be equipped with this type of bathroom hardware. Here, it’s crucial to ensure you obtain the right-sized vent to fit into the basin and bathtub.

Mixer Tapware

Before leaving the spout, a mixer tap blends the cold and hot water. It is a simple solution and one of the most widely used options for your bathroom. Installing bathroom tapware right on a basin or a counter is one option.

To guarantee that the water is at the optimum temperature inside the shower, using a mixer with a diverter or a shower mixer is a perfect solution.

Importance of Picking the Right Tapware Brand for Your Bathroom Renovation

Every day, bathrooms take a battering, and your faucets are probably the most-used equipment in your house. As a result, you should consider the brand and style of tapware you choose.


Be sensible with your spending. A modest budget can get you high-quality tapware. Strike a balance between a long-lasting product and your spending limit.


Cheap, inferior brands are likely going to last only a short time. Another element is the type of material you choose. You may expect them to last a lot longer if you choose faucets from reputable brands of stainless steel, brass, or chrome.


Additionally, since you’ll be handling the tapware a lot in the next few years, you should get a feel for how it feels.

Purified Water

Some brands of taps will include a built-in water filter.


The after-sale service and warranties that top-quality brands typically provide will provide your supplementary sense of security.


The tapware you purchase can have a significant visual influence on your bathroom and be vital for the bathroom tapware brand’s integrity.

What to Ask Yourself When Considering Tapware to Fit Your Space

How much space do you have in the sink or bath where the taps will be installed?

  • Make sure you order the appropriate size.

What aesthetic and current design features are you using in your bathroom?

  • Additionally, you wouldn’t want the tapware to have a wholly odd appearance. Instead, you would like it to complement the room’s overall design.

What kind of plumbing have you set up?

  • If some models need more plumbing, which would cost more, you may want to see a plumber.

Ending Note

So, get in touch with a bath tapware provider that offers a wide range of top-quality tapware products in the Australian market. Ensure the online store you choose features tapware from some of the world’s leading brands. So, shop and get started today!

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