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In general, higher PSI equals more power. However, too much pressure can be damaging. This means that it’s best to use moderate pressure with a wide nozzle. To get the best cleaning power, use a pressure washer with higher PSI than the minimum required for the surface.

Another important factor when choosing a pressure washer is GPM. Higher GPM means more water flow, but that can also increase your utility bill. Higher GPMs also have environmental implications. High GPMs also mean a higher pressure washer, but you should be careful to choose the appropriate unit for the task at hand.

A pressure washer PSI chart shows how much pressure the water can apply to a surface. This number varies depending on the type of surface you’re cleaning. For instance, if you need to remove thick stains on a car, you’ll need higher PSIs than you’d need to clean a window. The nozzle you choose also affects the PSI.


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