Fashion For Skinny Tall Guys in Summer

As a tall, skinny guy, you’ve probably mastered the art of dressing in layers during the winter. In summer, you can eliminate the layers and show off your lean body. But what about the latest style trends for skinny tall guys? Do they work for your body type? Let’s find out. Read on to discover some tips for dressing in style this summer. There are a number of ways to stay cool while looking sexy and fashionable.

When dressing for hot weather, avoid wearing skin-tight clothes. These clothes will only accentuate your lean frame. Pay special attention to the sleeves and shoulder seams. The seam should sit just at the shoulder’s edge, not past it. Also, choose clothes with roomy sleeves. Skinny jeans can make you look like a stick. Try to wear tapered pants instead of skinny jeans. These pants will hide your legs and make you look like a stick.

When choosing clothes for skinny tall guys, avoid the use of pinstripes and stripes. They’re meant for neck-and-shoulders guys, but if you’re tall and skinny, you should stay away from them. Instead, go for boxy designs and plain patterns. The following tips are general principles, but you should pay special attention to one exception: pinstripes. Unless you’re an a-line guy with a ‘neck-and-shoulders’ figure, you should steer clear of pinstripes and bold vertical stripes.

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