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Coastal Carolina University (CCU) uses Microsoft Office 365 as its email and collaboration platform of choice. This cloud based email solution pairs web based Office applications with cloud based storage in the form of OneDrive for Business. While CCU uses the latest and greatest versions of Office for Windows, the aforementioned cloud based email solution is available for Mac as well. Using Office 365, CCU employees have access to the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The aforementioned cloud based email solution allows CCU employees to access their mail and collaborate with colleagues on the go. In addition to Office 365, CCU uses the Microsoft 365 desktop apps which are installed on all campus computers.

While Office 365 does have its shortcomings, it is the best thing to happen to the campus computing environment in recent memory. Office 365 is not only a cloud based email solution, but it also offers a variety of other perks and perks. Office 365 uses a multi factor authentication system to secure its users’ data. It also uses the Microsoft Office Mobile to manage mobile devices of varying types. The Office 365 mobile app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. If you are looking to upgrade your Microsoft Office productivity suite, you can do so via the Office 365 portal. Using the Office 365 portal, you can access a myriad of tools and services, including the most recent version of Office 365 mobile apps. The Office 365 portal also offers other perks including a student discount on Microsoft Office. In addition, Office 365 offers a number of useful tools and features such as OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Office Mobile and the new Microsoft Office SharePoint Online. The abovementioned explains how CCU utilizes the best of the best in cloud based collaboration and productivity solutions. The above outlined services are provided free of charge to CCU employees and students. If you are looking to get more out of your computer or tablet, check out the Office 365 portal or contact the Helpdesk for more information. It is also worth checking out the University of Connecticut (UConn) Technology Web site. It is a wealth of information and resources including a searchable library of documents and a variety of training programs.

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