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How to Dress For Your Body Type

When choosing clothes for a man, it’s essential to choose the right body type for the occasion. There are five body types that men typically fall into: trapezoid, triangle, inverted triangle, and rectangular. Choosing the right clothing is essential for creating an appealing look. Read on for tips on how to dress for your male body type. Then, you’ll have a better chance of getting compliments on your outfit!

The shapes of male bodies are categorized according to their shape. A rectangular male is more proportional to his waist and has wider shoulders than an oval man. A trapezoid man’s body is similar to a triangle, but it has a narrower waist. To determine your body type, you can use a measuring tape and a second pair of eyes. Then, purchase a pair of jeans that are proportional to your body shape.

Men with pear-shaped bodies should wear tailored suits. A tailored jacket with shaped shoulders will bulk up the upper frame while creating the perfect proportion around the waist. If you want to add extra bulk to your chest and shoulders, buy tailored trousers. You can also wear a tailored blazer with jeans and add accessories. This body type is a good choice for the workplace, but you should keep in mind the color and style of accessories that will complement your outfit.

An inverted triangle is another body shape that is not as common in men. Men with this shape usually spend a lot of time at the gym. The shirts that fit them around the shoulders tend to sag everywhere else. To balance the look, choose a shirt with a V-neck or polo-style neck to draw attention to the chest and shoulders. Shirts with a V-neck are also a good choice, as they’ll draw the eye upward and away from the waist.

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