How to Dress Simple But Stylish

If you want to learn how to dress simple but stylish, try watching your favourite TV shows and movies. Take note of what the best dressed women are wearing and try to emulate their style. Choose clothes that flatter your figure and fit you well. Avoid trendy cuts and prints, and opt for clothes that can be worn in any situation. Create a working capsule wardrobe. Once you have a selection of pieces, you can add a few accessories to give your look a distinctive style. To create a stylish look, stick to block colours and clean lines.

One way to make an outfit look stylish is by pairing different shades of a single color. Try wearing white socks with black shoes and a brown leather belt. A combination of different colors can also give an outfit an old-world feel. Try mixing a single color with more than two colors. This can help you look more stylish. A few combinations of different colors are listed below. If you want to wear white socks with black shoes, you can wear them with your black pumps to create a vintage filmik.

To make any outfit look more put-together, wear a belt. Wearing a belt brings balance and adds a little bit of polish to your look. Adding color is not for everyone, so try one piece at a time or stick to a more neutral color palette. To learn more about the best way to wear color, check out a color wheel. A little bit of color goes a long way.

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