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Important Steps To Be Taken To Prevent Insect Infestation In Your House in Monsoon

Monsoon is here and you must be worried about insect infestation, as this is the time when they are seen the most. You would see them flying everywhere around your house and contaminating your food and utensils. This is a huge risk for you and your loved one’s health as they can lead to various food-borne diseases.

As we know, insects need a moisture-rich environment for their survival and breeding. As monsoon is the right time for a humid environment in your house, flies and insects make this their breeding ground. They enter the house through open windows and doors increasing the chances of insect infestation.

One major attraction for them is the open food sources like fruits, vegetables, and other food waste. An open garbage bin and spoilt food can be of great interest to them. Prevention is one of the greatest measures that you can take to avoid these pests and insects.

A new invention named a flyscreen is one of the best ways to keep your house away from insects and flies. Premier Screens Ltd has come up with magnetic fly screens for windows and doors. The magnets will make the screen firmly attached to the windows and doors, it will stop the insects from entering the house and it is easy to be maintained too.

Some of the important steps to prevent insect infestation in your house are:

  • Keep your house clean and maintain hygiene. Wipe off the countertops, tables, and any other surfaces immediately after having anything spilled on it.
  • Store your foods in an air-tight container, especially those grains, cereals, and snacks. Keep your fruits and vegetables covered too.
  • Keep garbage bins with lids at home to dispose of the waste materials. Clean it off regularly and maintain hygiene in the area around the bin.
  • A dirty drainage pipe or a clogged one is always a main attraction for flies and insects. For this, you need to keep the drainage pipe clean and prevent any build-up of organic matter that attracts these insects.
  • As mentioned above install flyscreens in every window and door of the house to prevent these flies from entering your house.
  • Peppermint oil, basil, lemongrass, or lavender is one natural remedy or natural repellent to keep spiders, insects, and mosquitoes away. Just mix it with water and spray it around windows and doors.
  • Seal off any entry points of the insects by keeping the windows and doors closed. If there are any leaks then fill it up.
  • Most importantly keep your kitchen appliances clean to avoid any food residue to attract these insects.
  • Avoid stagnant water in your kitchen. Make sure there are no leaky pipes, faucets, or water accumulation in the sink. This can attract mosquitoes and insects.
  • Switch off lights in the evening time if not required. As lights attract a lot of flies and mosquitoes to enter the house.

If you still continue to have this problem, then you need to contact a professional like pest control services who can address this issue and get a permanent solution for the same.

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