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Jupiter Shows Up in the Magma and the Center East Today

Jupiter is showing up in the eastern sky today, putting the spotlight on the planet’s aurora, the bright, orange-red light. It’s the most intense ever recorded, measuring nearly twice as large as Earth and boasting winds of 268 mph. But its intense light is also causing it to warm up, and the bright light of Jupiter’s aurora may be a contributing factor.

This new observation also suggests that Jupiter’s mysterious energy may be linked to other phenomena. One hypothesis proposed by astronomers is that the auroral energy is being redirected in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. This would prevent the auroral energy from reaching the equator and would instead heat up the entire atmosphere. However, the new observational result suggests that the polar trapping mechanism is not working and the westward winds are not as strong as the models predicted.

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As Jupiter’s orbit moves closer to the Sun, it will become brighter. Today’s opposition to the sun will make the planet appear even brighter. In 2021, Jupiter will be brighter than any other point in the solar system. If you have been stargazing since the Perseid meteor shower, then you probably saw Jupiter. After the meteor showers, it was the most visible object in the night sky. It will be even more visible this week as it reaches opposition, which means it will be opposite to the sun, or the sun.

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