Kerala’s Caravan Tourism Policy

The Kerala government has approved caravan tourism. The industry has been calling for this type of tourism to be introduced in the state. In response, the government has unveiled a comprehensive caravan tourism policy that promises the traveler a safe, eco-friendly, and close-to-nature experience. newstribune The policy is set to help promote the use of caravans for tourism, which can be beneficial for all concerned. The state is undergoing a period of growth and the state government has responded to the industry’s demand by introducing some new policies to boost the growth of the caravan tourism industry.

India has been slow to embrace caravan tourism because of various challenges that are hindering the sector’s growth. A lack of infrastructure, uniform designs, and uniform rules have led to a low level of acceptance in the country. State governments must introduce policies and regulations that would encourage the segment’s growth. There should also be a unified tax structure for caravans in India. dailybulletin The lack of uniform regulations and pricing across states have also made the industry a difficult one to develop. However, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Kerala have taken positive steps to make caravan tourism a viable industry in their states.

The state government is encouraging the use of caravans and caravan parks for tourism in Maharashtra, and some states have created special packages for travellers to explore the beauty of the state. The government wants tourists to leave their homes and travel in caravans. The government is developing parks for caravans and camping, offering basic amenities. In the future, this could lead to more local employment opportunities in the tourism industry. With a policy like this in place, tourists will have a better opportunity to visit the state’s natural landscapes and attractions while enjoying a vacation. dailybase

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