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Size Zero Models

Although the number of size zero models has dropped significantly in recent years, the fashion industry still relies on waifs to fill the size-zero quota. According to Elini Renton, the director of Leni’s Model Management, the size-zero ideal leads to eating disorders in young girls, which may have long-term effects. That’s why she opposes this trend. To help their models maintain healthy physiques, modelling agencies should focus on nutrition. For example, nutritionists should be on hand to help them understand the nuances of proper nutrition and how to properly fuel their bodies for photo shoots. However, despite the countless benefits of nutrition, size zero models may still resort to starvation and poor eating habits as a means of achieving this ideal.

There have also been many calls for change, and in response, LVMH and Kering, the companies that own brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Vuitton, and Dior, have agreed to stop hiring size-zero models. The companies vow to protect their models’ wellbeing, and have banned the use of underage models in adult shows. They also pledge to require models to present a doctor’s certificate proving they have a healthy BMI infosportsworld.

Despite the negative effects, size-zero models are still in high demand. The fashion industry uses them to encourage women and men to aspire to a certain body size. However, it is also true that designers tend to prefer size zero models because they look better in their creations. In this way, size-zero models should be portrayed as equals in the fashion industry. The debate will take place on Friday, 5th November wotpost.

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