Smutstone App Review

In this Smutstone App Review, we’ll cover its free to play nature, erotic artwork, funny storyline, and more. What’s great about this game? Well, it’s free, but there is still plenty of content to explore. Listed below are some of the best features of this free game. We hope this Smutstone App Review will be helpful to you. Read on desktime to discover which game is worth trying!

Erotic artwork

The Smutstone app is an online game that features erotic artwork on cards and pictures. The game is set in a strip club, where the main character accidentally enters a dancer’s room. Then, the evil witch abducts the dancer and pulls her through a mirror portal. Then, the main character is transported to a magical world, complete with smoking hot girls, pig-like creatures, and evil masstamilan.

Free to play

Smutstone is free to download and play. However, you’ll need to create an account in order to save your progress. The good news is that you can play the game on most platforms. If you don’t have a mobile device, you can access the game on the ipsmarketing. This way, you can play it on your phone or tablet. The game is not as comfortable as a mobile app, but it’s still playable.

Tons of content to explore

Smutstone is an adult and erotic card game that lets you use your smartphone as a game board. As you play, you battle monsters and collect cards to win prizes and impress beautiful girls. The game has a ton of content to explore, including multiple game modes, a background story, and tons of images to unlock. There are over two million people who have downloaded the game so far, and it’s not hard to see why!

Funny storyline

The funny storyline in the Smutstone app is quite entertaining. The main character is an adorable male with an outlandish sense of humor. It’s a purely browser-based game, but there are some unique features that make it different from its competitors. The storyline is also based on a real-world event that happens in the game world. You can choose your character and level up as you advance. The game also allows you to battle with opponents and duel other players.

Grind to gain experience

While there are many different games out there, Smutstone is one of the only ones that utilizes grinding to gain experience. Players have to grind to level up their characters to unlock new skills and move onto the next level. The game has a unique setting – a strip club. The main character enters a dancer’s room and is subsequently abducted by a witch through a mirror portal. She transfers the main character to a magical world where she meets evil wizards, smoking hot girls, and pig-like creatures.

No voice acting or sound effects

If you’ve ever played SmutStone, you’ve probably been disappointed by the lack of voice acting and sound effects. The game has a strip-club setting with a dancer and an evil witch who abducts her through a mirror portal. Unfortunately, the witch isn’t the only thing you might encounter in SmutStone. There are also smoking hot girls, pig-like creatures, and evil wizards. The game is a good way to stimulate the mind and develop strategy.


If you’re looking for a great game that combines fun and strategy, look no further than newscrawl. This new mobile game is sure to captivate gamers. As the name suggests, it’s a card game that lets players fight against other players and collect cards that can be used in battle. The more cards you collect, the stronger your harem will be, and the more credits you can earn to unlock new characters and levels. The main difference between this game and most of its competitors is that there’s no music score.

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